Art Class Padstow

Welcome to Creative Art School, a renowned institution situated in  Bankstown, committed to fostering artistic talents and unleashing boundless creativity. With an unwavering dedication to the arts, our school has firmly positioned itself as a premier provider of art education in the Padstow region. Embark on an extraordinary artistic voyage with us, where imagination soars and artistic potential flourishes.


Elevating Artistic Expression


Serving Padstow and Surrounding Areas

Creative Art School proudly serves not only the vibrant community of Padstow but also the surrounding areas. Whether you reside in Canterbury, Campsie, or nearby suburbs, our art school provides easy accessibility for individuals seeking to explore and develop their artistic abilities.


Empowering through Artistic Growth

At Creative Art School, we are driven by our commitment to empowering students and enhancing their artistic growth. Our experienced faculty members are passionate about guiding students on their creative journeys, fostering an environment where artistic expression flourishes.