What Our Students Say

Leone Lea “I enjoy being at Creative Art School. The staff are amazing and knowledgeable. I’m allowed to express myself. They help and encourage you to create what you see. “

Sonia HifazatCreative Art School lets me experience a world full of art and colours. It also gives me a break from stressful studying.”

Melissa ChahineThis is a great place to learn about drawing, painting and sculpture. Mona and Sam are wonderful teachers. They have taught me many aspects of art throughout the years.”.

Daisy Phan (9 years old) “I think art class lets my mind be creative and they teach good stuff!”

Margaret Young The Creative Art School is a wonderful place for art and creativity. I get great support from Mona and Sam.

10 Reasons Why People Take Art Class

  1. They stimulate my creativity
  2. Art promotes self-expression
  3. Art engages your senses
  4. The classes are relaxing
  5. Art is enjoyable and fun
  1. Art provides a feeling of accomplishment
  2. Art stimulates the brain and helps develop my problem solving skills
  3. Art helps develop my individuality and independence
  4. Art helps build self-esteem
  5. Art can be viewed or displayed in the art gallery